Jordan Hoppe, Men's Volleyball

Jordan Hoppe, Men's Volleyball


1. Who/What got you interested in your sport and when did you start playing?

"My mother and father inspired me to start playing volleyball. I started playing competitively when I was 12-years-old for a club team called Southwest."

2. If you weren't playing your sport, what other sport would you want to play at the college level?

"If I wasn't playing volleyball, I would want to play golf. That's the other sport I played when I was in high school and it's a sport you can play for your whole life."

3. What makes your head coach the type of coach you love to play for?

"Coach Turner demands a lot out of all of his players, which only makes us better in the long run. I like how Coach Turner coaches methodically -- it gives all of the players new perspective."

4. What are you majoring in and what's your favorite class?

"I'm majoring in sociology and my favorite class at the moment is cultural anthropology. It gives a unique look at how and why cultures do different things."

5. What is your perfect pre-game meal?

"Chicken, rice, vegetables from Flame Broiler with fruit punch and strawberry Powerade."

6. What do you enjoy doing when you're not in school or playing your sport?

"I enjoy spending days off either going someplace new and exploring, or, going to the golf course to work on my game."

7. Favorite Movies?

"Interstellar, Forest Gump and Harry Potter."

8. Who on the team are you closest with?

"The person I'm the closest with would be one of our liberos, Cole Aidnik and another would be our outside hitter, J.B. Kam."

9. What is the plan once you graduate?

"After graduating from OCC, I plan on playing volleyball at the Division I level."

10. Who is your leadership style?

"I would describe my leadership style to be encouraging of other players on the court. And, also a fearless warrior who is willing to put the team on his back in any situation."