Brett Haney, Men's Soccer

Brett Haney, Men's Soccer



Who inspired you in soccer and when did you start playing?

"My dad inspired my to play soccer and I started competing at 6-years old."


If you weren't playing your sport, what other sport(s) would you want to play at the college level?

"I'd try and compete in either basketball or water polo."


What makes your head coach the type of coach you love to play for?

"Because (Glenn Strachan and Kevin Smith) both played at a high level, so they understand the game and they're very passionate about the sport."


What are you majoring in and what is your favorite class?

I'm majoring in architecture and my favorite is geography because you get to learn about a lot of different countries and cultures."


What is your perfect pre-match meal?

"Chicken Pesto."


Walk us through a pre-match warm-up ... 

"Before a match, I like to mentally prepare by envisioning different scenarios that I will encounter during the match."


When you're not on the soccer field, what do you enjoy doing on your day off?

"I like to go surfing."


What is your leadership style?

"I prefer to lead by example on the field."


What are your top three movies?

"The Revenant, Green Street Hooligans and Lone Surivor."


What is the plan once you graduate from college?

"Once I graduate, I would like to open my own architecture firm."